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Our Company

A few years ago, a group of college students came together to build a more advanced patent searching tool for patent attorneys. There are A LOT of patents. They needed a database that could give them the performance necessary to search through millions of patents without spending a lot of money (something they didn't have) on rooms, filled with servers. It was an impossible task. There were no databases on the market that were sufficient for their needs. After a lot of planning and a lot of sleepless nights, they developed a database engine all their own. To their surprise, it was faster and more performant than anything they had ever used...and not just on patents.

That is our story. We named our creation DexterityDB and we immediately pivoted to offer it as our main product.

We know that DexterityDB is faster than anything on the market because we've been in your shoes. We've done the research. We've run the benchmarks. And we've checked the numbers...twice. We want to share our creation with the world because we want everyone to have a faster data handling experience. Thank you for joining us for this exciting new chapter in database history.