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Speed of DexterityDB, Convenience of the Cloud

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The easiest way to set up an infrastructure of any size

DexterityDB is available as an AMI, or Amazon Machine Image. AMIs makes it quick and easy to set up applications on Amazon's Web Services. The DexterityDB AMI has everything that you need to speed up your infrastructure without the huge cost of purchasing and maintaining additional hardware. Increase or decrease your hardware usage for whatever your application requires; only pay for what you use.



DexterityDB was built with scalability in mind. So, running DexterityDB on the AWS platform means that you don't have to worry about your hardware falling behind if your data needs increase. Spin up as many servers as you need.


Pay as You Go

One of the perks of a cloud infrastructure is that you only pay for what you use. This means that you don't need to make large upfront investments on hardware to take advantage of the speed boosts that DexterityDB offers. Just set up an instance, install DexterityDB, and you're done.


Enterprise Security

On its own, DexterityDB provides security that you can count on. Additonally, DexterityDB, like any other application running on the AWS platform, is backed by AWS infrastructure security. To learn more about AWS security, click here.

Greatness takes Time

We want to make sure our DexterityDB Cloud is amazing before releasing it.

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Greatness takes Time

We want to make sure our managed system is amazing before releasing it.

Coming Soon!