For MySQL and MariaDB
The MySQL and MariaDB platforms, but 10x faster


DexterityDB stores data in optimized data structures and uses unique algorithms to provide massive speed improvements of up to 10x to MySQL and MariaDB. This translates to shorter waiting times or decreased hardware costs.

No Compromise

Many applications already work with MySQL and MariaDB, so keep using those layer and tools, but add DexterityDB for a huge speed boost using the same hardware with no impact on your existing infrastructure.

Easy to Install

DexterityDB acts as a plugin to MySQL and MariaDB so installation is as simple as downloading DexterityDB and running a SQL query. For cloud based infrastructures, we offer a preconfigured Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of MySQL and MariaDB to make things even easier.

Find Out More

To learn more about DexterityDB for MySQL/MariaDB and find out how it can add value to your infrastructure, contact us at