What is DexterityDB and how is it different?

How does a storage engine fit into a database?

Databases have become a cornerstone and defacto standard in storing data of all kinds. They make it easy to look through relevant data as well as archive old data. From making key business decisions, to maintaining lists of contacts, to doing scientific research, databases have become crucial pieces of technology. Databases come in many shapes and sizes, some more tuned for specific uses than others, but all with a similar underlying purpose: Data Management. Database architectures vary throughout the industry, but a database architecture can be broken down into two basic parts: the application layer, and the logical layer.

Application Layer - the layer between the logical layer and external programs and scripts, i.e. a SQL query, that use the database to return results

Logical Layer - the layer that processes the commands that are given and fetches or stores the correct data in the storage engine

Storage Engine - within the logical layer, the storage engine is where the actual storage and accessing of the data occurs. Data is stored in various, low-level structures that can be accessed with special algorithms.

DexterityDB Storage Engine


DexterityDB was built from the ground up to deliver superior data accessing speeds. It utilizes proprietary data structures and algorithms to optimize the way that data is stored and accessed. With more efficient software, less hardware is required to achieve comparable speeds and better hardware simply compounds these benefits. This technology can be implemented into a number of solutions.

Integration with Popular Database Solutions

As we discussed, there are a few layers to a database solution. Therefore many databases allow for swappable architectures. This is the idea of using plugins in order to swap out individual pieces of the database without affecting external programs or the ecosystem. With this architecture, it is possible to integrate the DexterityDB technology into a number of database solutions.


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